Located in Murray Hill, I’d have to be engaged in a battle at Bunker Hill to order food from this place again. While I appreciate the effort and while I’m certain it has a loyal following, I cringed over their attempt to marry a few vegetables soaked in a tasteless sauce and pass it off as an entree. The waiter had the personality of a plastic bag, and the ambiance should be featured on a makeover reality show.

Leaving nothing to the imagination, the restaurant is actually called Franchia Vegan Cafe. This is one of those times when I’d prefer they leave the word “vegan” out of the title. With so many choices in the city, I’d skip Franchia unless you have a free gift card. Although if I had a free Franchia gift card, I’d sell it on Ebay for 50% off. There was nothing about this place that I liked other than that it’s vegan, but maybe you’ll love it.