P.S. Kitchen, a plant-based joint in Hell’s Kitchen, exceeds every expectation about a restaurant, and reminds us of the power of small businesses to impact change. PSK donates 100% of their proceeds to charities that work to reduce poverty by empowering people to sustain themselves.

The sign on the front of PSK is small so be on the lookout. It’s a faint P.S. on an elevated slab of wood. The understated sign stands in sharp contrast to the interior which is fit for a wedding: distressed white brick walls, white marble bar, antique mirrors, active bar scene, and jamming music. It’s clean, comfortable, and relaxing. You’ll feel as good as the food looks. Visitors can only imagine the history of this old building–the stories people told of their travels in New York.

I entered with high expectations–and the PSK team exceeded them out of the gate all the way through my last bite. Although several people engaged with me at PSK, Jah and Tiffany were standout performers. They were genuine and epitomized the team members every restaurant manager envisions. In addition to the quality service, the menu will capture your imagination and leave you plenty of dishes to look forward to on your next visit.

A quick scan of PSK’s Google reviews reveals stellar experiences from meat eaters, an important reminder of the role plant-based restaurants play by introducing them to the joy of plant-based eating. I sat next to a couple who seemed skeptical about PSK’s plant-based options and reversed course upon their first bites.

I ordered the Warm Farro Salad with sauteed kale, seasonal squash, and shaved smoked macadamia. I didn’t think I’d be impressed with such a simple salad. It’s tasty, unique, satisfying, and filling. P.S. Kitchen’s food tastes good and they do good. They remind us how to be kind to animals and the planet when we eat and they show us how to be kind to people. I’ll return to enjoy their company, to eat the food, and to support their mission.