Le Botaniste

If I closed my eyes and wished for the perfect plant-based restaurant, Le Botaniste would appear. After eating there several times to ensure it wasn’t a mirage, I’ve concluded it’s among the best I’ve visited. I prefer to cook my own food, but I’ll make an occasional exception to return to this fantastic restaurant. After seeing photos of their food online, I sprinted to Le Botaniste, conveniently located on 63rd

P.S. Kitchen

P.S. Kitchen, a plant-based joint in Hell’s Kitchen, exceeds every expectation about a restaurant, and reminds us of the power of small businesses to impact change. PSK donates 100% of their proceeds to charities that work to reduce poverty by empowering people to sustain themselves. The sign on the front of PSK is small so be on the lookout. It’s a faint P.S. on an elevated slab of wood. The

The Most Interesting Vegan in New York

He bought Beyond Chicken at KFC after it sold out. He rode a horse-drawn carriage in Central Park–all the way to freedom. When he opens his laptop, it lights up the night sky. His Facebook fundraiser for animals met everyone else’s goals. When he misspells customers’ names on Starbucks’ cups, they start using the name he gives them. He sneezes pistachios. He’s the most interesting vegan in New York. I

Double Zero

Double Zero, a plant-based restaurant in the East Village, ranks among the city’s best spots to hang out and eat. It’s hip and fun, and most importantly, all vegan. Double Zero specializes in wood-fired pizza with vibrant toppings and nut-based cheeses. The restaurant is beautiful, and the food is a work of art. It’s the creation of celebrity chef, author, entrepreneur, and plant-based cuisine educator Matthew Kenney. A super friendly

Baskin-Robbins Launches Vegan Ice Cream

In my 2012 interview with John Robbins, son of Baskin-Robbins founder Irv Robbins, he discussed the difficult time his parents gave him when he shifted to eating plant-based food to save animals and the planet and to improve his health. He recalls a time when his mother wouldn’t even let him cook tofu in her kitchen. Imagine how he must have felt when Baskin-Robbins recently launched their first vegan ice

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